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Find Out How Your Child and School are Performing

The Tennessee Department of Education released a redesigned district and school report card in December that makes it easier for families to see and understand information about their schools and their child’s performance.

The new site also includes results from the 2015-16 TNReady End of Course (EOC) exams, so families can find out how their child did.

View the more accessible 2016 Report Card to find out how your child’s school compares to others in your school district and across Tennessee.

The redesigned report card highlights figures that offer a more complete picture of how students and schools are performing. It also includes additional resources to help district and school leaders more easily download and share the data with their communities.

“We want all our families to have clear information on how their students and schools are doing,” Education Commissioner Candice McQueen said. “This new report card is easier to use and has better information about whether our students are academically on track, both of which will help parents, educators, district leaders and advocates support our students’ success.”

The Department of Education has provided a report card annually since the early 1990s, offering an overview of state, district and school-level performance.

The report card has expanded over time to include a variety of data, including:

  • Enrollment statistics and demographic information
  • An academic snapshot about students’ achievement and growth on state assessments, graduation rates, and ACT performance
  • Feedback about the performance of student groups
  • Additional context about school climates, which includes attendance and discipline statistics

The December announcement was the first phase of the report card redesign project by the Department of Education. The department plans to add more data points and information to the new layout in coming years.

The TNReady Score Report website helps high school parents understand the individual score reports they received.

To learn more about the state’s TNReady results, click here.